At On Time Legal, we pride ourselves on providing timely Private Process Server in Douglas County Colorado. We understand that process serving is a very time-sensitive issue, and we work hard to ensure that your papers are served on time. Whether you are an attorney or not, we will make certain that your process serving job is completed promptly with the highest level of professionalism. Our team is familiar with the rules of civil procedure in the state of Colorado, and we take great care to make sure everything is done properly so you will have not any procedural or paperwork mistakes. We have three main options for process serving:

  • Standard will be served within 7 days: $55.00
  • Priority will be served within 72 hours: $65.00
  • Rush will be served within 24 hours: $80.00

We will notify you promptly via e-mail or phone once your service has been completed. If a problem arises during the process, we will notify you immediately so we can determine the best possible solution and course of action. We believe in working with you to ensure optimal results. For more information about Private Process Server in Douglas County Colorado, we welcome you to contact our office today. We are committed to meeting all of your needs.