Process Server in Colorado

At On Time Legal, we are here to meet all of your process serving needs in Colorado in a timely and professional manner. Our services include:

  • Asset research
  • Background checks
  • Skip tracing

Our team of seasoned professionals is discreet and knows the ins and outs of Colorado civil procedure. If you would like to learn more about our investigative services and capabilities, we urge you to contact our office today.

Asset Research
Are you considering a major business move, such as a buy-out or merger? We can help you be sure that the assets you are about to acquire all stack up. You know that in the business world everything is not as it seems. Whether you suspect a potential partner of inappropriate dealing or just want to gather all possible information, our skilled investigators can give you the peace of mind you want before an acquisition. Contact our team to learn more about asset research in Colorado, today.

Background Checks
Background checks have become more common than ever. Employers are finding background checks to be indispensable in determining the fitness of potential candidates. If you are in a position where obtaining a background check is advantageous, we urge you to talk with our team. Our investigative team searches through databases and other public records to in order to provide you with the pertinent information you need. For more information about conducting background checks in Colorado, we urge you to contact our team of professionals.

Skip Tracing
Skip tracing, also known as fugitive recovery, is the process whereby our team locates a person with which contact has been lost. The wanted person may be trying to avoid debts, being served legal documents, or even contact with a parole officer. Regardless of the reason for flight, our team is experienced in locating fugitive persons. Contact us if you are in need of professional skip tracing in Colorado today.